The Chicago Estonian House is a cultural center that offers wide variety of events for Estonians, Finnish and other Baltic and Scandinavian groups

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Cultural Activities @ the Estonian House

The primary mission of the Estonian House has been established to promote Estonian culture in Chicago. Thanks to the Estonian House, leading Estonian theater groups and pop and classical musicians have been regular performers for audiences in the Chicago area. Watch our monthly calendar for upcoming events.

Chicago Estonian School Eesti Kool Chicagos

Estonian School

Chicago Estonian School meets twice a month on Sundays. We teach Estonian literature, history, arts and crafts, theatre and much more!

First Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chicago

Estonian Church

The First Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chicago was established April 1950 by refugees from Estonia who had fled their native country to escape religious and other persecution by Soviet Communists who had occupied Estonia during World War II.

Our church plays an important role in preserving the culture and heritage of the local Estonian-American community. People take comfort in being able to attend Estonian language services and in receiving the sacraments according to the traditions of the Estonian Lutheran Church.

Chicago Estonian House Dining Room

Sunday Lunch at the Estonian House

Come meet your friends and enjoy home-cooked Estonian-style meals in our dining room. Our volunteers prepare food to be served every Sunday at 1 p.m. Check the calendar for unusual closings.

Estonian Library in Chicago Estonian House


The library is open every Sunday and by appointment on other days. You can check out a wide selection of Estonian-language books from classics to modern literature.

Vana Tallinn

Vana Tallinn is a bar at the Estonian House that features Estonian beverages (beer, cider, liquor and spirits. Open during Sunday lunch and for other times during events, activities and for special occasions.

Estonian House Events

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