Tallinn University is excited to announce three study programs for students from the US. The application deadline is May 1st, 2024.

Liberal Arts (BA)

Are you interested in humanities, languages, culture, literature, history, anthropology, environment but cannot choose between these exciting disciplines? Then the program of Liberal Arts in Humanities is just for you, allowing you to study all these together!

“The Liberal Arts program is the best fit for those who would like to learn how to think outside of the box, gather information from all the possible sources, and analyse it from various perspectives that academia has to offer. Nonetheless, if you are interested in languages, culture, literature or anthropology and don’t know how to fit all of that in one program, you should definitely consider this program!” – Stanislav Hakkarainen, Liberal Arts in Humanities BA (2022).

For more details and how to apply, visit their website here: 


Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies (MA)

We welcome applicants who wish to explore the possibilities of extending the boundaries of the traditional disciplines in the humanities by focusing their research on the relations between words, still and moving images both historically and in contemporary culture.

Students also acquire various practical skills – ranging from analysis and problem solving to writing and presenting – which prepare them for diverse career pathways and enhance their employment opportunities.

“The practical training experience at the Black Nights Film Festival gave me more knowledge than I could have ever expected. It also confirmed how the cinema of festivals and the cinema of diversity brings an enriching experience that goes beyond what we are used to seeing in the mainstream channels of film distribution. This experience was extremely motivating for my future as a professional and for me as a person who loves cinema and art.”Juliana De Carvalho, Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies MA (2020).

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Estonian Studies (MA)

Estonia today is a thriving democracy. In just over a generation, it has revived a rich, ancient culture while also inventing the future through its vibrant tech sector and the development of e-Estonia. If you want to understand how this Nordic nation fought for freedom, survived occupation, and peacefully restored independence, come study at Tallinn University. You can experience Estonia’s diverse artistic scene, study the unique and beautiful Estonian language, learn about traditional arts and crafts, and explore pristine forests and lakes.

“As someone of Estonian heritage, I have always cherished my roots. My grandmother fled to the United States from Saaremaa in 1944 and while I was growing up, always told me stories of her homeland. She and my mother instilled in me a love for Estonia, which has gotten stronger since I began the Estonian Studies program. The program allowed me to get in touch with my ancestry, but also in a way, gave me the opportunity to find myself.” – Ilea Liidia Peckham, Estonian Studies MA (2024).

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